Birstall in Bloom

Birstall In Bloom is a joint venture between The Birstall Luddites (Rotary), Birstall Village Improvement Group and local TRAs working with local schools and churches, our local councillors and Kirklees Metropolitan Council.

The aim is to enter Britain in Bloom and, by doing this, improve more and more of Birstall each year for the benefit of local people.

The RHS run the Britain in Bloom campaign with more than 1,100 communities the length and breadth of the UK working to improve their local environments. It is not just about planting flowers and hanging baskets. Its about developing community spirit and civic pride whilst promoting responsibility for planting, cleanliness and maintenance. This in turn boosts the local economy through increased tourism, stimulates voluntary work and cooperation between community groups.

And What’s been Happening?

We’ve been arranging with the Council to replenish the hanging baskets and planters in the town centre. There is also work to do on the communal flower beds, some of which will be done by the council and some by volunteers. Together with Oakwell Hall and the schools, the Luddites have planted thousands of crocus bulbs as part of their national Polio awareness drive. We’ve also had a couple of hundred tree saplings from The Woodland Trust which the local schools and the Fieldhead Regeneration project have planted!

Why Should I Bother and What Can I Do?

Little things grow big and you don’t have to be a keen gardener to make a difference, either! You can help with some of the communal work or enter our Summer Competition. Or both! The competition has categories for individual and group entries. Why not give it a go?


If you want further information, please contact the BIB Coordinator, Joanne Cooney, by telephone on 01924 442134 or 07792 221149 or by email on mail2joanna at