Councils Negligent Repair

Master B was a young child playing in his garden. His parents rented the house from the local council and the council had previous attempted to remove some post from the garden but had left stubs sticking up from the ground and as Master B was playing he tripped over one of these stubs injuring […]

Mind The Doors

Miss C found her normal bus home from work to be unusually busy. This meant not just standing room only, but that the bus was full front to back. This meant that Miss C was stood very close to the doors of the bus for the journey. So close in fact that when the driver pulled […]

Allo Allo

This smash hit television program is coming to the stage as part of the Brighouse 1940s weekend, bringing all the characters and comedy that fans of the show will fondly remember. The show is brought to you by the Foot of the Barrel Company with a cast of local performers, including Andrew Marsden of our […]

Local Council Elections

Andrew Marsden of our Batley Office and Chairman of the Batley Business Association takes a look at the upcoming local council elections. On 05 May it is the local Council elections, and do you know what? You need to vote in them. They are – and contrary to what I have already heard people saying […]