There are times when owning a property that you wish to re-mortgage the property, whether that be taking out a mortgage on a property that currently does not have one or simply re-mortgaging a property that does have a mortgage already so you are replacing one mortgage company with another.

All mortgage lenders require you to have a solicitor in order to deal with a re-mortgage process and provide you with relevant legal advice in a clear and understandable way.

Brearleys Solicitors pride themselves on the fact that they are on the majority of the lender’s panels of solicitors that they allow to carry out the re-mortgage work on their behalf.   This means that they trust  our firm to give you the right advice on their products and that we satisfy certain requirements set out by the lenders as to how the firm is made up and run to ensure the best service to their customers, which in turn are our clients.

We have substantial experience in dealing with re-mortgages and will ensure that you are kept informed throughout the process with regular updates and letters by telephone and/or email, ensuring the transaction runs smoothly to completion.