Car Park Escape

Miss O had a lucky escape when visiting her local supermarket. As she was walking through the car park another customer lost control of their car and ended up driving at speed towards Miss O, who had to jump out of the way. Luckily she avoided being hit – unlike a number of nearby cars! […]

Roll Over And Over

It turned out that Mr B’s luck wasn’t in after all when a friend offered him a lift home, saving him the walk. Unfortunately for Mr B it turned out that his friend liked to drive rather too fast, and even more unfortunately without the skill to do so. Things came to a head when […]

Cobbled Together

Mr K was working on a redevelopment project. He needed to carry out some work in the boiler room that was below ground. The existing steps had been taken out and replaced with some temporary steps that looked as if they had been made out of some old bits of wood, found around the site. […]


Mrs Q went into town to do a bit of shopping. As she was walking through the pedestrian arcade area she slipped and fell on ice on the ground. The weather at the time was very cold and it had been icy for a few days. We put her claim to the council on the […]

Door Strip Trip

The company Mrs E works for rent office space in a building. To get to her room Mrs E travels up in the lift and walks along a corridor. There is a set of doors on the corridor with a rubber strip at the bottom of them that they close to. The strip had come loose […]

A Trip Down The Lane

When Mr T set out for a walk  close to where he lives he didn’t intend his final destination to be his local accident and emergency department, but having taken the wrong type of trip down the lane, that is exactly where he did end up. We took up a claim for Mr T and […]

Hidden Hazards

Ironing, a necessary evil, but not most peoples idea of a fun way to spend your time….as a colleague said to me just the other day…”life is too short to waste it ironing” Mr P would definitely agree with that sentiment, especially after his even more unpleasant than usual experience of doing the ironing, and […]

A Not Very Convenient Store

Mrs C got a little more than she planned on when she popped into a convenience store, as well as her purchase she ended up with injuries and a protracted course of medical treatment. There is a step up at the entrance, but unfortunately it is coloured the same as the floor surface around it, […]

Not Enough Room At The Stop

You know what it is like, no busses for ages and then three come along at once!! Unfortunately on this occasion there wasn’t really enough room at the bus stop for all three at once. This didn’t however deter the driver of the bus that Miss C was travelling on, who thought they might just […]