Scarlett’s Story

As part of our ongoing support for Micklefield Hedgehogs, we share Scarlett’s story.  He is a regular visitor to our staff member’s garden and was recently found with an injured back leg (one of 4 hedgehogs who had turned up with an injured back leg in a few weeks).  After an x-ray, his back leg was found to be broken.  Usually the legs are amputated but it was decided to try and save his leg so he could at least have a chance to go back out to the wild.  Scarlett underwent an operation to pin his leg last week and is currently recovering at Micklefield Hedgehog Rescue.  His care is very intensive which includes lots of medication and physiotherapy.  Our staff member paid for his operation as it was far too expensive for the rescue to afford to pay.  We hope Scarlett recovers well and we will keep you updated with his progress.   

This just highlights the hazards that face our hedgehogs.  One of the possible causes is the log roll edging that people use in their gardens.  Their legs get caught in the gaps.  Of course there are a number of other possibilities but it is important to ensure our gardens and surrounding areas are hazard free.   

Another hedgehog who injured his back leg was Roger who may have to undergo a full leg amputation as he has been left with a non-functioning foot.  The rescue are currently assessing the best course of action for him.  Anyone wishing to contribute to the care of Scarlett and Roger, as well as the many other hedgehogs in the care of Micklefield Hedgehogs, please feel free to donate via this paypal link.

Thank you


If you would like to learn more about hedgehogs and how you can help them then please pop down to the Churwell Environmental Volunteers Woodland Adventure Day on 21st July 2019 where there will be a stall for people to ask all their hedgehog related questions.