Paramedics Save The Day

Mr R was riding his bicycle on his way home. He was coming downhill, it was daylight and visibility was good. A car overtook him but then immediately turned straight across the front of him.

Mr R had no time to react and hit the car. He was thrown from his bike which was badly damaged and he was injured.

The driver of the car simply carried on, pulling into a nearby car park. The driver got out and went into the building. Luckily for Mr R an ambulance was driving along behind him. Not only did the paramedics provide first aid treatment there and then, but they also went into the building and got the drivers details, something Mr R wasn’t capable of doing due to his injuries.

We have put the claim and the drivers insurers have quite rightly accepted it was their drivers fault. Mr R will be compensated and his bike repaired or replaced.

So a big thank you to the paramedics.