Mr S’s employers had a leaking roof at their premises. They knew about it, and had to clean up the rainwater that came through the leak, but somehow never quite got around to repairing it. Unfortunately so as it turned out for Mr S, because as he was walking along underneath where the leak was he slipped and fell. As a result he suffered a nasty fracture which will cause him difficulties for the rest of his life.

Mr S came to see Andrew Marsden at our Batley Office to discus making a claim. He had however left it quite a while since the accident before taking this step. He wanted to see how things went with his injury first. Having heard the facts we were able to offer to help Mr S and represent him under a no win no fee agreement. There was however a lot less time to progress the case than might normally be so.

We put the claim to his employers pointing out how they were in breach of their various duties to Mr S. Their insurance company accepted fault, and Mr S has now been compensated for hat happened to him.

The moral of the story – don’t put it off. If the employers had not put off fixing the leak, the accident would not have happened, and Mr S would not have been injured.

In claims knowledge is often key. If you know about it and you do not reasonably do something about it, more often than not, you will be liable…