Mr D was at work and part of his job involved driving a vehicle with a trailer and when he had to use the trailer he would have to use the ladders fixed to the trailer to get in and out of the trailer. The bolt holding the ladders in place had previously broken and his employers had undertaken a repair however they had not secured the bolt properly and when Mr D used the ladders again after the initial repair the ladders broke again causing 2 lacerations to Mr D’s leg resulting in scarring. to We put Mr D’s case to his employers and they have admitted responsibility for his accident and as a result will now pay him compensation. Brearleys solicitors are your best choice of personal injury specialist handling all types of legal cases both locally and nationally. It is really easy to claim and we will deal with your case efficiently and quickly to get you the right result. For more details call any of our offices or use our free phone number 0800 0923422. Or Call Carolyn on 01924 443900 or Andrew on 01924 473065 Alternatively visit our dedicated website