Slipping Accident in Lidl

Miss O visited her local Lidl to do some shopping and as she walked towards the tills Miss O Slipped and fell on the floor. Lidl had left a spillage on the floor and had failed to clean up the area. Miss O suffered an injury to her wrist, foot and ankle as a result […]

Bus Driver Braked Sharply

The claimant Mrs F was a passenger on a bus and as the bus approached a crossing the driver failed to notice a pedestrian crossing until the last minute and had to brake very sharply causing the passengers to be thrown about the bus with one of them landing on top of Mrs F. The […]

Stop At Give Way Lines

Mrs A was driving her motor vehicle along a main road when the other driver pulled out from a side road and failed to stop at the give way line and drove into Mrs A’s vehicle The insurers of the other driver have now admitted fault for the claimant’s accident. Brearley’s solicitors are your best […]

Accident with an Uninsured Driver

Mr C was crossing the road in Dewsbury Town Centre and as he nearly got to the other side of the road a vehicle came towards him but failed to slow down and stop and drove into him and then the driver just drove off after knocking Mr C down. After enquiries were made with […]

Accident on Footpath

Mr B was walking along the public footpath of the housing estate near his home with his brother. They decided to cross the road and in doing so, Mr B tripped over a raised kerb stone edge that was protruding out of the highway. The kerb stone appeared raised as the adjacent kerb stone had […]

MOT reminder

Can you remember when your MOT is due? Well there is no reason to forget as you can sign up to receive a reminder by text or email 1 month before its due by going to the following website and entering either your phone number or email address.

Who Is In Control

Mr S worked for a scaffolding company. He was sent to dismantle a specialist type of scaffold known as birdcage. Basically the building is erected around the outside of the scaffold including the roof. This means at the end of construction the scaffold is completely enclosed. The only way of reaching the  working platform is […]

Need A Second Opinion??

Mrs S was at work. It was a training day and staff were moving around the premises from room to room taking part in training exercises. Her employer had provided refreshments including bottled water. As Mrs S was walking to her next venue she slipped and fell on water that had been spilled on the […]

Steering Unassistance

On this particular day Mr W was allocated a different works van, which had been fitted with a steering wheel adaptation. It shouldn’t have been. The company does not allow them, but they knew it had been fitted. As the steering wheel turned the adaptation struck Mr W’s hand and dislocated his thumb. After we […]