Slip on Ice

Mrs R visited her local Trampoline Centre with her grandchildren and was walking through the car par when Mrs R slipped on ice within the car park. Adrenaline International have accepted fault for Mrs R’s accident. Brearleys solicitors are your best choice of personal injury specialist handling all types of legal cases both locally and […]

Hosepipe Hazard

Water and zero degrees temperatures don’t really mix that well, and when they do it tends to result in ice. That is unfortunately what happen on the pavement that Mr W was walking his dog along, and even more unfortunately Mr W stood on the ice, slipped, fell and broke his ankle. It turned out […]

Collapsing Clothes Rail

Shopping is not normally a hazardous activity – well, apart from maybe to to your bank balance. But, it certainly turned out to be a painful day out for Miss T when she went to do clothes shopping. Having tried on some outfits, Miss w came out of the changing rooms and went to hang […]

Batley’s Christmas Lights Switch On

The countdown is on to this year’s Batley Christmas lights switch on celebration. This year, after the Council were no longer able to fund and organise it, the event the switch on is brought to you by Batley Business Association with sponsorship support from Fox’s biscuits and Creative Scene. And there is certainly plenty going […]

Cycling Accident

Mr D was cycling along a main road and came to a roundabout he proceeded to cycle onto the roundabout to carry on the road straight ahead when another driver pulled out of another road joining the roundabout without stopping at the give way line and drove into Mr D knocking Mr D off his […]

Tripping Hazard at Local Park

Mr M was walking through his local park when he tripped as the council had failed to repair a missing drain cover properly leaving a raised flagstone on top of where the cover should have been and Mr M tripped over the raised stone. The Council responsible for the park have now accepted that they […]

Bus!!! Stop!!!

STOP would have been excellent advice for the driver of the car that drove headlong into the front of the bus that Mr S was driving. Unfortunately he didn’t and hit the front of the bus at high speed whilst driving the wrong way along the road. After we have put Mr s’s claim, the […]

Roundabout Wrongdoings

Miss S was a passenger in her boyfriends car. They were travelling around a roundabout. As they were doing so a car drove straight through a junction into the roundabout and straight into the side of their car. The other driver was very aggressive when they got out of their vehicle, insisting the accident was […]