Falling Carpet Reel

Miss P visited her local Carpet store and was walking through the store when a large plastic reel used for storing carpets fell onto Miss P’s head. The Carpet shops insurers have accepted fault for Miss P’s accident. Brearleys solicitors are your best choice of personal injury specialist handling all types of legal cases both […]

Fall on Steps

Mrs L visited her local cinema and was walking up the steps to the entrance of the building when she fell as the cinema were undertaking works to the steps and one of the steps tops was missing causing Mrs L to loose her footing. The cinema have accepted fault for Mrs L’s accident. Brearleys […]

Uneven Ground

Mr L worked for a construction company. When getting back to the works yard it was often necessary to unload the vehicle. More often than not, this involved somebody getting up into the bed of the truck. Once unloading was finished that person would then step down. On this day that person was Mr L. […]

Accident at Work

Mr G was at work when another colleague using a forklift truck carried stillages on the truck around the site but one of the stillages had 6 metre lengths of pvc sticking out and as the clients colleague manoeuvred the forklift truck one of the lengths of pvc hit Mr G. As experts in dealing […]

Steam Can Burn

Miss D was at work and was making hot drinks and as she used the milk steamer machine the steamer did not switch off automatically and she burnt her right hand. As experts in dealing with claims that happen within the workplace we were able to identify the rules and regulations that her employers had […]