Road Traffic Accident? Choose Brearleys

Mr P saw that the car in front of him had missed its turning and the driver in front started to reverse. Mr P braked and was stationary whilst the car in front carried on reversing and as the car in front completed his manouvre he unfortunately drove into Mr P’s car. Liability has been […]

Why choose us for your will or probate?

We believe that we offer the friendliest most professional service both locally and in the wider area. As well as being one of the only firms locally accredited with the WIQS scheme we also offer a comprehensive service with transparent pricing and friendly “can-do” attitude. Here’s what one of our clients has recently said in […]

Brearleys and what we do

As a busy high street practice we help a wide range of clients with a wide range of legal issues. This often gives a unique insight, and the chance to see things from both sides. A case currently handled by Andrew Marsden of our Batley office recently threw up a good example of this. Andrew […]

Road Traffic Accidents – we are your best choice!

Have you have been involved in a road traffic accident as a driver, passenger or pedestrian and it wasn’t your fault? If so, we will seek the maximum compensation on your behalf, fighting your corner every step of the way. Compensation claims can be made for personal injury including whiplash, fractures, scarring, Tinnitus, psychological trauma. […]