Mediation in ordinary litigation

Civil and Commercial Mediation is rapidly becoming the first choice dispute resolution for many people and companies.

It is easy to see why.

Mediation is a fast, inexpensive, and effective method of settling any form of dispute or disagreement between parties. It can be as easily utilised to resolve a commercial dispute, as it can be to resolve workplace difficulties, or a neighbour dispute.

So why choose mediation?

It is certainly a lot quicker than the more traditional method of court litigation.

This offers parties the opportunity to resolve their disputes and move on without the issue lingering and taking up any more of their valuable time. The cost of the mediation is shared equally between the parties so there is no financial disadvantage to either side. There is a fixed fee for the mediation so there are no hidden extras or additional costs which arise. It is not necessary to be legally represented at a mediation, so that cost is also removed, although parties can choose to be if they wish. The process is entirely confidential and it is agreed by the parties that no information coming out of the mediation could be used in future litigation in the event that the case doesn’t resolve, although with a resolution rate nationally of approximately 80%, the majority of cases coming to mediation do successfully conclude.

Mediations can be arranged at very short notice, in most cases that can be within a week or so of being contacted by the parties. The mediation itself will rarely if ever last longer than one day, with most disputes being capable of resolution more quickly than that. Compared to the months, even years that other forms of litigation can take.

At Brearleys we are at the forefront of civil and commercial mediation.

Andrew Marsden is an accredited mediator with over 12 months experience, including being one of the driving forces behind setting up and managing a free mediation scheme at Huddersfield County Court. Andrew is happy to provide more information about mediation and its particular application to your dispute, so please contact him for more details on 01924 473065 or by email at [email protected]