Contract work usually involves either a dispute in connection with the contract as part of a larger piece of litigation or can involve our working through a contract and making amendments for it to be more suitable for your use. We are specialist in dealing both with the noncontentious side of contracts as well as dealing with the contentious side of contracts for example when part of litigation

In both circumstances we will be able to advise you the likely cost of dealing with your needs at the outset

it is important to get a specialist on your side right from the beginning because often it is the case that matters can be made worse by somebody dealing with a contract or contractual dispute in the wrong way to start with which then need to be put rig latelater, increasing. It is for this reason that we would encourage you to get in touch sooner rather than later so that we may discuss what your options are and how we can assist

Contact Nick Battye or Martin Oliver for more details