Evict Tenants Cheaply and Easily

Brearleys Solicitors can take action to evict tenants should they be in breach of tenancy (often non-payment of rent) or should they fail to vacate your property once their fixed term has expired.

If a Landlord wishes to regain possession of their property, they must serve a Notice on the Tenant unless the Tenant leaves voluntarily. This must be done properly to avoid problems.

If the Tenant refuses to leave, then they can only be forced to leave if the Court makes an order that they must. It is not legal to forcibly evict a Tenant under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy without a Possession Order as this could result in the Landlord being fined or imprisoned.

The general stages of possession are as follows:

  1. Service of Notice to vacate;
  2. Issue of possession proceedings at court;
  3. Court hearing (not always needed);
  4. Possession order;
  5. Bailiffs to enforce if tenant breaches Possession order.

Its better to instruct ourselves as experts as mistakes in procedure can be costly and waste time.

We offer fixed fees for assisting you at each and every stage and can advise you on the best procedural options in your circumstances.

If you wish to discuss possession procedure and our fees further, please contact our specialist Hayley Walker on 01484404024 or by email at hayleywalker@brearleyssolicitors.com