If you are considering adopting a child or children then it is always prudent to seek legal advice first.  Whether it is a step child or through a local authority or other adoption agency, we can help you through the complex issues.

Sometimes when it comes to family members adoption is not always the most appropriate order and there are alternatives which are sometimes more suitable and provide similar legal rights.  Orders such as Step Parental Responsibility Agreements and Special Guardianship Orders are two of the potential alternatives. We are members of the Grandparents Association and are aware of the need for grandparents to take on the care of their grandchildren in some situations.

We can also advise foster parents who may be considering applying for an Adoption order or Special Guardianship Order for children they are caring for.

We will guide you to the right order for you and explain the different legal concepts. One of our family team is a member of the British Association of Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) and has extensive experience in this area.

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