Parental Alienation

Unfortunately, when parent separate, parental alienation can occur.  This is where a child has been manipulated, coerced or otherwise pressured to side with one parent over another. Parental alienation is not always obvious and can be difficult to spot, but its effect on children is highlighted by CAFCASS as abusive and damaging, and can cause […]

Making the Future Your Own

Embarking on a divorce is an extremely stressful process for both parties, particularly when there are children involved, and with so many options available to deal with the breakdown of a marriage which one is the right one? Clients are faced with choosing from the traditional routes of Solicitors negotiating via letters and the commencing […]

Legal Aid

People do not always realise that Legal Aid can be available in relation to most family matters, including Divorce / Financial Relief / Children. There are certain requirements before Legal Aid can be granted, such as financial eligibility and, in certain cases, documentary evidence of domestic violence or Social Services involvement.  However, if you are […]

Family Law Costs

Do you need Family Law advice but are concerned about the cost implications? We not only offer the traditional option whereby you are charged at the solicitors’ hourly rates and therefore pay for exactly what work is required and completed on your matter but we also offer various fixed fee packages and are even able […]

Parental Alienation

Post-separation, there can be bitter feeling amongst the parties, where there are children involved this may lead to one parent attempting to alienate the other. While there is no single definition, the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Services (CAFCASS) recognise parental alienation as when a child’s resistance or hostility towards one parent is […]