A number of recent test cases have put before the court the issue of how far a Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney can go in its instructions to the attorneys and what they can ask them to do. A Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare appoints someone to make decisions on […]

Costs in Employment Tribunals

Recently there appears to have been a change in favour of employers when tribunals are looking at the award of costs in employment tribunal cases. The cost of defending employment tribunal cases is a common source of complaint and annoyance among employers as in most cases, employers cannot recover their legal costs even if they […]

Intestacy rules should only be a last resort.

The intestacy rules are rules set by the government which determine who will inherit from an estate when the deceased left no Will. In some cases, an individual’s wishes might the same as set out by the intestacy rules and we often get asked what the point of making a Will is if their wishes […]

Civil Partnerships for Opposite Sex Couples

The Government is to change the law to allow opposite-sex couples to to enter into civil partnerships, the Prime Minister has announced. The Government said extending them to opposite-sex couples in England and Wales would provide greater security for those who wanted legal recognition for their relationship but did not want to get married For […]

Make A Will Fortnight

At Brearleys Solicitors we like to give back to the communities we work among and support local charities. This year our Brighouse office are again working with Overgate Hospice by participating in Make a Will Fortnight. Make an appointment with us to make a will as part of the scheme between 8th October and 19th […]