Please see below details of our standard pricing.  Subject to VAT where applicable, change and terms and conditions.  Please contact us for a detailed breakdown and final price.

Price transparency – Employment
Initial interview – 0-1 hour free
Settlement agreements – £250.00-£350.00 plus VAT
General employment advice – we apply an hourly rate £175.00 plus VAT. The advice is given by a senior qualified Solicitor.
Wrongful dismissal – we apply an hourly rate of £175.00 plus VAT.

Tribunal costs

Unfair dismissal – The total cost from completing and filing the ET1 with the Tribunal, to the Tribunal itself will be in the region of £4,500.00-£7,500.00. The hourly rates applied are £175.00 per hour plus VAT.

Initial stage – Interview to filing ET1 – £500.00-£1,000.00
ET3 to case management directions – £500.00-£1,000.00
Case management directions – £1,000.00-£2,500.00
Tribunal hearing – £1,500.00-£3,000.00
Redundancy advice – £175.00 per hour plus VAT.
Discrimination advice – £175.00 per hour plus VAT.
Advice on TUPE – £175.00 per hour plus VAT.

We will in certain cases agree a fixed fee with the client for claims for unlawful deduction of wages and/or minor employment disputes. Fixed fees range from £1,000.00-£3,000.00.

There are no Court fees to pay to the Tribunal in the event of a claim. However in the event that the services of a Barrister is required to provide advocacy at a Tribunal, then those fees are likely to range between £1,500.00-£3,000.00 together with VAT.

On occasions we will accept conditional or damages based fees, which will provide the payment of any costs incurred are paid on condition that the case is successful and in those cases, our fees are paid from the amount recovered on behalf of our clients within the proceedings and are payable once the funds are recovered.