Employment Law – Payslips

Changes coming into force 6th April 2019 .   As at above date all workers must receive a payslip not just employees . The number of hours worked must be indicated on payslips where the pay varies, by the amount of time worked. Where pay is fixed and does not vary employers have no new […]

Domestic Abuse Assistance

The Department for Work and Pensions appreciate that victims of domestic violence are sometimes in financial difficulties and have recently published a guide providing information for victims of domestic abuse about the support offered by DWP (Domestic violence and abuse: help available from DWP) This includes special conditions for: Housing Benefit Jobseeker’s Allowance Employment and […]

Make A Will Fortnight

We are pleased to confirm that we are taking part in Make a Will fortnight at our Brighouse office hosted by Overgate Hospice. Between the 29th April – 10th May you can book an appointment to see a Solicitor at the Brighouse office to make a Will. Once everything has been completed and you have […]

Meal Ticket for Life?

On divorce/dissolution one of the main concerns of the spouse with a lower earning capacity is their ability to meet their future income needs. There was a lot of press coverage in the not too distant past about the higher earner no longer being a meal ticket for life, but how do the family courts […]

Probate Fee Increase Controversy

The Ministry of Justice plan to bring in changes to probate registry fees in April 2019. You will see in the attached article that this will be challenged on the basis that it is a ‘stealth tax’. We are hoping that the changes do not come in as it will hit bereaved families the hardest […]

Making A Successful Personal Injury Claim

Starting a personal injury claim can seem like a difficult process. In reality, if you choose a good personal injury solicitor to handle your claim the process will run smoothly. There are, however, some things that you can do to help your claim be successful. Keep a detailed record of how the accident happened. When […]