Mission Christmas Campaign

A big MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has donated over the last few weeks. We have over 150 gifts to give to the Mission Xmas campaign Well done everyone and thanks again!

What is a Conservation Area

Conservation Areas are protected areas of special architectural or historic interest. They are designated by the council, and protect the character and appearance of a whole area, not just its buildings.  The council therefore have extra controls within Conservation Areas to help preserve and enhance their character and appearance.   How do I know if a property is […]

Cash For Kids Mission Christmas Campaign

Brearley’s Solicitors are pleased to announce that all six of our offices have been approved as drop off points for the Cash for Kids Mission Christmas Campaign. Mission Christmas is back to make this Christmas Day different for local children living in poverty. It is a heart breaking thought, but there are thousands of children […]

Contact Arrangements over Christmas

Christmas Time can be a very difficult time for separated parents. Unless Christmas contact has previously been arranged, either by way of agreement between both parents, or by a Court Order, then the parents will need to try and make the arrangements between themselves. We would suggest that you try and approach the subject of […]

Road Traffic Accident

Have you have been involved in a road traffic accident as a driver, passenger or pedestrian and it wasn’t your fault? If so, we will seek the maximum compensation on your behalf, fighting your corner every step of the way. Compensation claims can be made for personal injury including whiplash, fractures, scarring, Tinnitus, psychological trauma. […]

Employment Law

It is a commonly held view that the right to be accompanied to a disciplinary hearing allows you to take a family member or a friend to such a meeting. This is not the case. A worker has the right to choose any companion to attend a disciplinary hearing as long as they are either […]