Electronic Signatures

The government have consulted independent legal experts to sweep away the current uncertainty surrounding the legality of electronic signatures. The government have published early conclusions which make it clear that electronic signatures can now be used on formal contracts in English law. The commission has also laid out possible steps which could boost business by […]

Government Consider New ‘Care ISA’ to Solve Social Care Crisis

The ongoing issue of funding care in later life is one that receives much discussion and media coverage. Figures in 2016/2017 suggested the shortfall for care was in the region of 17.7 billion. Those that have worked hard all their life and paid tax throughout feel that it is unfair that the cost of care […]

Employment References

References are often asked for in job applications. There is usually no legal obligation upon an employer to provide a reference to an employee. Employers who do give references must make them fair and accurate and employers who ask for references must handle them fairly and consistently. A reference gives important information to a potential […]


Mr D was at work and part of his job involved driving a vehicle with a trailer and when he had to use the trailer he would have to use the ladders fixed to the trailer to get in and out of the trailer. The bolt holding the ladders in place had previously broken and […]


More people are taking out Lasting Powers of Attorney to allow Attorneys to act on their behalf in relation to their Financial and Welfare decisions, if in the future they are unable to act for themselves. Investigations by the Office of the Public Guardian (“OPG”) into the actions of Attorneys are on the rise.  One […]

Slipper in a Supermarket

Mrs H visited her local Tesco’s to do some shopping and as she walked down the greeting cards aisle she slipped on some plant material which had been left on the floor and not cleaned up by Tesco staff. Mrs H suffered an injury to her back and her toe as a result of her […]