Check For A Safety Recall Before Buying A New Car

The Government has launched a new service to check if a vehicle has an outstanding safety recall. The service allows anyone wanting to buy a used car, and existing car owners, to check for an outstanding vehicle safety recall. All you need to do is enter your car’s registration number. By law, car dealers must fix safety recalls […]


Dewsbury based drama company Acorn are bringing the smash hit 80s tv series Fame to stage this April, with their youth theatre company. With leg warmers in place the show charts the successes and otherwise of the kids of the New York High School for Performing Arts. Bringing back the show’s much loved characters such […]

More Care Needed

Mr A was in his car, stationary at a junction. He was waiting for traffic to clear to be able to pull onto the main carriageway. As he was waiting a car came down the road behind him. Unfortunately for Mr A, the driver of that car was not driving with the necessary care and […]

Tripping Along

Mrs P went round to see her neighbour for a chat and a cuppa. They both live in rented accommodation and have the same Landlord. As Mrs P was walking up the footpath to her neighbour’s front door, she tripped and fell. This was because the flag stones forming the path were not in a […]

Third Party Drove Through a Red Light

Mr S was driving his vehicle through a junction in Leeds on Hunslett Road when the other driver drove through a red light and hit Mr S’s vehicle. Liability was initially disputed by the other driver but after we were able to obtain independent witness evidence to show that they had driven through a red […]