Mr P works in a very busy professional kitchen. His employers provide his uniform which includes a long sleeved chef’s tunic. On this particular day however the uniform was changed to a short sleeved one. Part way through his shift Mr P was reminded in the most painful way why the tunics should be long […]

Press Release Local Solicitor Defends Lasting Powers of Attorney

Local solicitor, James Shingleton from Brearleys Solicitors in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, has defended lasting powers of attorney This follows comments from a former senior judge that power of attorney orders are open to financial abuse But national group Solicitors for the Elderly says with the right advice, powers of attorney can act as important safeguards […]

Hand Injury at Work

Mr S on the day of his accident was trying to uncoil metal wires that had got jammed in a machine at work and as he did this one of the metal wires snapped and went through his hand. Mr S’s employers did not provide any protective gloves to stop him from being injured. As […]

Pedestrian Hit by Reversing Vehicle

Mrs S was walking along the pavement by her local Co –Op when a vehicle reversed out of the Co-Op’s car park and drove into Mrs S. The insurers of the driver of the vehicle have now admitted fault for the claimant’s accident. Brearley’s solicitors are your best choice of personal injury specialist handling all […]

Slip on Ice Cream

Mrs S visited her local Harvester for a Christmas meal with her family and after she had finished her meal and was walking through the restaurant area she slipped on the floor due to ice cream being left on the floor which had not been cleaned up. Harvester have accepted fault for Mrs S’s accident. […]