Tripping Hazard

Mr K was walking along the pavement returning to his office when he tripped on the raised paving stones. The owners responsible for the pavement outside the offices have now accepted that they failed to repair the paving stones and have accepted liability for Mr K’s accident. Brearleys solicitors are your best choice of personal […]

Dodgy Decking

Miss F works as a carer helping people in their homes. On this particular day she was working at a property she wasn’t very familiar with. The service user asked Miss F if she wouldn’t mind going outside to feed a family pet, which of course she agreed to do. This involved her walking over […]

Volunteers And The Law

We are delighted to be running our volunteers and the law seminar again on 03 May 2017 for Volunteering Kirklees and Business in the Community. This free to attend course covers various topics relevant to volunteer co-ordinators, groups of volunteers and those connected with the third sector. From who is a volunteer, through legal rights […]

Closing Door, Trapped Fingers

We all use doors. We use them every day. Open, close, open, close, etc. There isn’t much to it really. Fairly straightforward, most of the time. This case however shows that even the more mundane of day to day activities can still catch you off guard. It only takes a momentary lapse of concentration for […]

Birstall Welcomes Yorkshires Biggest Bike Race 30.04.17

The days events will kick off at 10.30am. There will be various activities on the day, face painting, customise your cycle helmet, test your skills on exercise bikes, Megan’s rainbow fun time, balloon modelling, painting competition, crafts in the library and various stalls in the Market Place. Please come and have a fun day out […]

Conveyancing Testimonial

Everything was excellent. I had a small window in which to complete on my house and Gemma and Tracey got it done!  

Basket Tripper

Mrs P visited her local Morrison’s store and was walking near the checkout area when she fell over a shopping basket which had been left on the floor as Morrison’s had previously removed the basket tidies to put Christmas goods on display when Mrs P tripped she injured her neck and shoulder and also chipped […]

Changes To Birstall Community Centre

On Friday Cllr Andrew Palfreman signed a lease bringing Birstall Community Centre under the control of the local community for the next six months. Andrew is working with Kirklees Council so that on 01.10.17 the whole library and community centre building will come under the control of the community forever. The Council will get a […]

Have You Heard About The New Proposed Probate Registry Fees?

James Shingleton, Solicitor at Brearleys Solicitors, intends to support any campaign to object to the Government’s proposal to increase Probate Registry fees. James said “ This is going to affect every single one of us. Despite 84% of respondents, including myself, opposing the proposal to increase Probate Registry Court fees, the Ministry of Justice has […]