Lasting Power Of Attorney

Mr A approached Brearleys because he was caring for his good friend Mr B. Mr A is in his 80s and was finding dealing with Mr B’s financial affairs more and more tiring. Mr B lives in a care home and is unable to manage his own financial affairs. Although he is mentally capable, he […]

CICA Success

Mr K was assaulted whilst working as a food delivery driver. He was punched and beaten by his assailant and had his vehicle keys stolen. He put in a claim for compensation for his injuries through the criminal injuries compensation authority. This is a statutory body which exists to pay compensation to people who have […]

Gas Cylinder Gasp

Mrs A was certainly left gasping by a gas cylinder but not quite in the usual way. You see, as she was travelling with her injured son the back of an ambulance a gas cylinder that had not been fastened in place fell from above her. It landed squarely on her foot and certainly caused […]

Emma Ingram

Emma is an experienced private client solicitor working from our Brighouse office. Emma joined the firm in February 2017 and specialises in Wills, probate, powers of attorney and other private client based matters.

Eyes On The Road

Keep your eyes on the road – good advice, especially when you are driving. It certainly would have been good advice for the driver of the car that ran straight into the back of Mr B and Miss I’s car whilst they were stationary in traffic. After we put their claims the insurer of the […]

A Grave Trip

Mr P was walking through his local church yard when he tripped and fell over the raised edge of a very large stone slab set in the footpath. As a result he was injured. After Mr P consulted us we set about investigating his claim and discovered that the local council had taken over responsibility […]

Hot Soup

We all like a nice bowl of warming soup from time to time, especially when the weather is colder. There are few things better for warming you up. Unfortunately for Mrs H, she got rather more than a bowl full of soup when a soup cauldron fell onto her at work. The soup was also […]

Chorus Line Comes To Batley

You will be able to experience all the fun, drama and emotion of the auditions for a Broadway musical on stage at Batley town hall between 16 and 18 February, as Acorn Theatre Company bring the classic musical Chorus Line to town. Featuring many well known and loved musical numbers, together with dance, it is […]

Pallet Pain

There is a correct and an incorrect way to safely stack paving slabs on a pallet. If you get it wrong the slabs have a tendency to fall over, and if they land on your hand and wrist, that can be, to say the least very painful. Unfortunately for Mr W the person who stacked […]