Keep it tidy and keep it safe

This is the lesson learnt by Mr S’s employers recently. Unfortunately for Mr S not until after he had suffered an accident. The building site he was working on had become increasingly untidy, with piles of debris being left lying around and the site not being properly cleaned up. This made walking around certain areas […]

We are the best personal injury lawyers to choose

Finding the right defendant. Mrs B had an accident on a cobbled street in Halifax the claim was initially submitted to the local authority as they are responsible for highways. The council disputed the claim saying the road was unadopted but after we made enquiries with the land registry it was ascertained that part of […]

Another happy client

The feedback we get from our clients is universally excellent and 99% of the clients that we receive feedback from confirmed that they would recommend us. We believe that this is due to our attention to detail and unending efforts to provide high quality service with a personable face. Find out more about our latest […]